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The solid wood furniture production is known as „Arte Povera”. The solid wood used for the Exploit furniture is poplar, beech, linden and ash. Most of the Exploit furniture is sold directly to an European distribution chain.

Today, the Exploit factory has 140 employees. Also, the further investments in the production of melamine furniture have incresead, so that the furniture range is now much larger.


The Exploit furniture factory was established in 1993. Over time, the factory has known a continuous development, thanks to its experienced and well-trained employees, large spaces, adequately equipped for production and for the storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finite products.

Since 1996, the factory is located in Potlogi, 50 km from Bucharest. That year, the furniture production began in 7.000 mp of industrial halls. In 2002, the Exploit production hall expanded to 15.000, and the turnover grew accordingly.